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Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed Bottle Stopper


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You've just cracked open a new bottle of wine and enjoyed a glass, but now you have an opened bottle and have exposed your wine to air. As we know, air can deteriorate your wine over time. Oh no! But never fear, this stainless steel vacuum sealed bottle stopper is here to save the day! Not only will this stylish brushed-metal bottle stopper close your bottle with an air-tight seal, it also acts as a pump to extract all of the air from inside your bottle. This will preserve the quality of your wine!


    1. Place the stopper firmly on the wine bottle. It fits most 750ml wine/champagne bottles with an 18mm inner top diameter. Please check the product size before you order it. 
    2. Push the button down several times to extract the air out of the bottle until the button doesn't rise.
    3. Rest assured knowing your wine will be nice and fresh the next time you take a drink.

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